Trump Card

One more! Here’s my March #1gam:

Trump Card
a 2016 republican primary card game

Play as Republican presidential hopefuls debating a series of faux political issues through nonsensical arguments. A print-and-play card game for 2+ players.

It’s my first ever card game! I’m proud. It was so exciting, printing out the cards, putting them into sleeves and playtesting with some friends this week. Almost none of the things I usually create (songs, words) take physical form. But I can look at the stack of cards on my desk and see this game. It’s very satisfying.

The instructions cover the how, so I’ll talk briefly about the why. The prompt this months was “Arena”, and McFunkyPants (the organizer of #1gam) had suggested ‘the political arena’ as a possible take on that. That idea was percolating as I watched the March 3 Fox debate (the one where Trump reassured us there was “no problem” regarding his penis size) and I thought, YEP! this needed to be made.

My hope is that playing this game will get people familiar enough with the various fallacies that, the next time they watch a debate, they’ll recognize them. “Oh, that’s an ad hominem; that’s a slippery slope; that’s an appeal to authority…” That sort of knowledge is power. It lets you see the bullshit for what it is.

Finally — huge thanks to Kaley, Dan, and Matt for all their ideas! This game owes so much to their input and criticism. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Wishing you as bullshit-free a 2016 US election as we can hope for,


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