Radio silence!



Dear friends and followers,

I’m so sorry to have disappeared! Between the end-of-year press and the lack of internet chez mes parents, I’ve been pushed further out of the loop than I’d like. But I’m glad to be recharging, and I’m looking forward to sharing the fruits of my new energy with you. (Er…to mix a metaphor. Now I’m picturing a sort of energy tree with bolts of lightning hanging from the branches.)

I’ve already recorded another rap that I’m looking forward to posting! I just have a few final touches to put on it. And it’s rather…intense, so I thought it might be best to wait until our holiday highs have faded somewhat. Check back on the 2nd or so for a barn-storming start to the new year 🙂

A hint: it’s a…female empowerment rap! How about that for subverting norms?


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