Expressive Harmonies (YouTube clip)

This one isn’t mine, but it’s clearly the work of a kindred spirit. The piece is the ‘Lacrymosa’ movement from the Mozart Requiem.

To compare with my Haydn & Bruckner review, which had one face per movement, this has one face per chord. (And what faces!) In case you’re not familiar with the notation, each Roman numeral (I, IV, V, V-of-V) stands for a specific chord or set of notes. So whenever you see a picture come back again, it’s that sonority, and that feeling it evoked for Zviane, this clip’s creator.

I especially love the face for the Neapolitiain-6th chord (“N”). It’s a lovely, lovely representation of how disorienting but delightful that harmonic move is. “Where are we?!?”
The applied dominants (anything like “V of V”) are wonderfully disturbed too, while the V 6-4 chords (here labelled I64) do a great job of conveying that moment of release-but-not-yet-quite-arrival.

For me, this is what classical music is about. It is as humorous, as vivid, as transporting and affecting as this. And that’s…it! No funny business 🙂


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